Every so often, it hits me that I am now a ‘grown up’. I certainly don’t feel like a grown up. No way.

But one of the things I enjoy about being a grown up, is the fact that you get to make your own family traditions.

I like that for every birthday that any of us have, it will always involve a costume party (fabulous, or otherwise).

Samantha, my sister in law, (actually, from now on, I am just going to refer to her as just ‘sister’ – It’s too annoying to have to add in the ‘in law’ bit all the time. Plus, I feel like she is my sister) had her birthday party the other weekend. I was busy working that day, so I did miss half of it, but my lovely husband Dana was keen as mustard to take all the photos, so I wouldn’t miss out!

Some of the photos that I am going to show you today I am actually a little bit embarrassed about. At least one of them would definitely be awkwardfamilyphotos.com worthy.

So, in slight advance, I do hope that I do not offend your eyeballs. And please accept this as my language and concept warning. You see, my awesome brother David, decided it would be funny to attend the party dressed in a terrorist costume.

Come on now, if anyone could tell me they have seen a more awful costume, I’d be pretty surprised!

We are really a family full of awkward. Two whole fistfuls of it. And I’d not change it for the world.

All photos taken by my beautiful husband Dana.


a little bit fantastic

little baby bee

And now for the awkwardandhorrible…

And for something totally redeeming…

Happy birthday Sam.

10 Responses to “my deliciously awkward family”

  1. Justin

    I hate being a grown up. I was looking at hotel rooms with mum today and we found one that sleeps 2 adults and 2 children.. Great!.. until I realised 23 year olds don’t really count as children…

    Also, your family is cool.. I’d wear a terrorist costume too.. :)

    • Jessica

      haha, unless you and your sister are happy to sleep in BUNK BEDS.

      I love bunk beds – think of all the extra room you’d have for activities! (Stepbrothers reference)

      Thank you for not wanting to punch me in the face and disown me for my family antics. Your support is appreciated. ;)

  2. Shelley

    Oh dear god make it stop… It’s a force greater than me. I know I’m awkward, I know when I’m being awkward, I have the opportunity to walk away, but I can’t. This awesome family we have propels me forward into greater awkward and I’m totally curious… How far does it go? Oh and how funny are we all!!! X

    • Jessica

      Thank you for the lovely compliment!

      We are the kings and queens of awkward. And, sadly, I will report that said awkward behaviour only gets worse in public.

      But, I’m glad you understand. ;)

  3. Rachel Southwood

    I had a friend attend a recent Halloween part as Gaddafi. Totally inappropriate!

    • Jessica

      Thanks for commenting Rachel!

      I’m so glad you appreciate the sentiment. Even though it is wildly inappropriate.


      I thought I would be showered with disapproval. Y’know, that whole ethics/social sensitivity thing.

  4. dana

    It’s a far cry from our true awkward potential… but we have years of practice ahead of us.


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