Hey, do you remember that time I was travelling overseas, and how I blogged about every place I visited?

Remember how I only ever ended up blogging from Tokyo – El Paso Texas?

Well, after El Paso, my husband Dana and I carried on our travels to our last stop in America – and our favourite stop in that country: Los Angeles.

We had such a wonderful time there!

As you may remember (if you are an older follower, or if you have read through my archives) out of our entire 7 week trip overseas, we only spend about 12 nights in typical accommodation (ie. hostels, resorts or hotels). The rest of the 37 nights we spend overseas were done so through a fantastic online community called ‘Couchsurfing‘.

It was in Los Angeles that Dana and I made a very lovely friend – Joe.

We had never met him before, but we had met his wife (who was then his fiancee) Lara earlier in our trip whilst in Nashville.

Joe agreed to host us in his apartment on Hollywood Blvd. for six whole nights. And I have got to say, it was one of the best times we had on our whole trip!

Anyway, I really don’t want to faff on too much, I really just want to share the photos with you! Because they’re really the best part.

Now, because we took positively way too many photos in LA, I’m going to post these photos up in a few different entries.

Today’s first LA post is about dogs.

Never before have I seen as many dogs in one city as I saw in LA.

Any time you’d walk down the street, there’d be people walking dogs.

I went to a hairdresser in LA, and there was a woman with her tiny dog in a tiny bag getting her hair blow dried.

It is as if in Los Angeles, people own dogs, instead of procreating (and that’s not such a bad thing)!

Here’s some of them:

little legs



just. gotta. RUN.

sunning herself

oh to be free


The last one cracks me up. Still. That dog walked up to us, had a sniff, and then paced about half a meter away from Joe (that is him in the blue jumper and track pants) he decided that was where he wanted to do his morning business.


See you soon!

Jessica x

3 Responses to “Dog Town (Los Angeles – Part 1)”

  1. lrntn

    I’m glad you had such a nice time in LA, and met such a nice person! I’m guessing this is in Runyon Canyon? If you find the number of dogs in LA fun and charming, put Buenos Aires on your list of places to go to… talk about dogs everywhere.

    • Jessica

      Yeah, I am pretty sure it was Runyon Canyon. Oh, I loved LA!

      So, Buenos Aires is sniff central, huh?

      Our visit definitely wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful had we not met Joe!


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