Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


It’s true. I admit it.

I am addicted to Instagram.

In case you have been living under a very large rock (or you don’t have an Iphone) and you don’t know what I am talking about, Instagram is an Iphone only application that allows you to instantly edit and share photographs that you capture on your phone.

But with all of that time I spend in the world of IG, what is to be done with all of the happy images I have that are filling up my phone?

I wanted to make our Christmas gifts this year, so I decided, what better way to use these pretty little pictures than to turn them into super awesome fridge magnets?!!

These were really fun to make, and although a little finicky, I am really happy with how they have turned out.

So today’s Thrifty Thursday post is all about DIY photo magnets – in case you’d like to make some yourself.

There are already quite a few tutorials online about how to make your own magnets. One that I found to be most helpful in making my magnets is here. She even gives you a free template download for polaroid frames! How handy!

Here’s how I did it:

I used:

– 8 x 12 print with photos taken and edited on my Iphone
– Mulched cardboard (about three millimetres thick), it is actually the back cover of a scrapbook
– Magnet strip
– Photo glue (to mount the photos to the cardboard)
– Clear Decoupage glaze (acid free)
– Thin paint brush (to paint the glaze onto the photos)
– Rotary cutter
– Cutting mat


I collated my iphone photos together in photoshop. I printed 24 images that were 2 x 2 inches each onto each 8 x 12″ print.


I then mounted the 8 x 12 print to the cardboard, and cut each square out with the rotary cutter.


Each square was then coated with 2 separate coats of glaze – on the top and on the sides. I left about 30 minutes between each coat.


Then I cut the magnet strip into square segments, and stuck them to the back of the pictures with glaze (it worked really well as a glue).


Then I hastily swiped ALL of the existing magnets off of our refrigerator, to make room for these lovely new ones. :D

x Jessica

4 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Post # 10 – Photo Magnets”

  1. Shelley

    Home made pressies are the cutest, well done Jess the ones lucky enough to receive them will

  2. mum

    What a great prezzie. Ive been making Orio treats. Cream cheese crushed orioes covered in melted choc. place nut or dryed apricot inside. Yum!


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