Nothing screams ‘contradiction’ like Christmas in Australia.

Our shop fronts are adorned with fake snowflakes and snowmen; the santas in malls are dressed in wooly red costumes; we listen to christmas music about cold and frost and warm drinks, but yet; I step outside and I get instant sunstroke; I get into my car and the metal seatbelt puts a red hot welt on my leg and the steering wheel burns my fingers.

We eat cold fruits and seafood and drink lemonade and wear our swimming costumes.

And we buy our children Slip’n’Slides so we can go on them.

I had a wonderful Christmas this year, and on this particular day with my family, nothing pleased me more than to see my big brother and my little nephew face down and ass up in soapy water – having the time of their lives.

We all laughed a lot.

Isn’t that what this time of year is about? Enjoying our families and our friends, and treasuring what we have. It is the little things and the big things all rolled into one.


4 Responses to “A Scorcher”

  1. Nicole

    I live in the southern part of the U.S., we don’t get snow very often, but I grew up in the Northern part where we had snow all winter, so it took me a lot of time to adjust to not having a white Christmas, it didn’t feel like Christmas to me. I have always wondered how Christmas is for you all in the southern hemisphere, but I guess it’s all what you’re used to! I love that you still decorate with snowflakes and snowmen and it’s hot outside.

    • Jessica

      Haha, sometimes, you even see the occasional snowman-wearing-sunglasses-with-beachtowel-over-shoulder window decal. It is rather ridiculous, really.

      I lived in Mississippi for four years when I was a child, and I was so excited to have some white Christmas years to actually make a real snowman! There was only a little bit of snow, but it was lovely nonetheless!

      Where do you live now?

      I went back with my husband to visit all my old friends a year ago, who mostly all live in Brandon Mississippi.

      Thank you for commenting on my post Nicole!

  2. Jaden

    Yes, they never have the apt marketing of the weather in Australia around Christmas. For instance, I have never seen a shopping centre stick up a sign in november stating that cyclone season has begun in the top end. Only the fear mongering newspapers.

  3. Nicole

    I live in Dallas, Texas now. We get cold weather sometimes but not like we did when I was a kid in Michigan.

    I’m enjoying all of your posts and photos!


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