Being the cautious little soul that I am, I like to internalise my thoughts and ideas for quite some time before letting them see the light of day.

I don’t ever like being *that* person, who says and blabs and goes on and on about what they’re *going* to do, and never end up doing it. I also do not like changing my mind.

SO: that said, I would like to put [in writing] two things I am aspiring to during 2012:

I am now officially not eating meat anymore. I feel very good about this decision.

Starting on 1 January, I have committed to doing a new 366 photo a day project – (inspired by a very good friend Georgia who runs the most beautiful blog here). I will upload a post for each day of the year throughout 2012. Each post will include photograph/s unique to that day. I am very excited about this project!

There, I said it. Now I’ll have to stick to both those things, unless I want everybody to think that I’m a turd who can’t keep to her wurd.


Here’s a photo I took today whilst foraging for lunchy food in the food court across the road from where I work:


I felt like such a creep for following this hapless old man through the shopping centre, but he just looked so darn cool wearing his suspenders, adidas bag and vans.

His getup was screaming things in my face like, ‘take-my-photo’ and ‘look-how-endearing-I-am’!

x Jessica

10 Responses to “Oh HI two thousand twelve”

  1. anthonymagro

    I gave up meat for 8 months and it was a fantastic experience. It became challange at times, however; you feel better for it. It highens your senses to eating more fruit and vegetables. Make sure you are supplementing iron and other vitamins you will lose from not eating meat.

    • Jessica

      Mmm! I am so excited about eating leafy greens! I just want to stuff my face with them!

      Not that I didn’t eat greens before giving up meat, it just seems more exciting now.

      Thank you for commenting Anthony. x

  2. Lisa

    i just love reading your stuff! how do u make such a simple old man photo look so good! you are just one talented lil lady if i’d say so myself! i’m super pumped about ur 366 photos!!! can’t wait can’t wait!

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Lisuh! It’s called ‘having a sort of expensive camera’ and ‘knowing how to use adobe editing suites’. ;)

      I’m really excited that you are excited, because I am excited too!!

      Hope you enjoyed your birthday, like no other birthday that has come before it. xx

    • Jessica

      I’m so excited you’re doing 366. You have super lovely babies, and I don’t get to see them OR you living away from Brisbane now.

      So this is a good way of seeing you by proxy.


  3. mum

    no meat will you eat. Sounds neat. The cows will be happy and they will sing “jolly jessie is on our side she now eats grass and has a small asssss.” he he he little bit silly. Have a good laugh its all so good for you.

  4. nicole

    i love this photo – i’m hoping this project gives me more confidence in shooting in public places

    • Jessica

      I certainly was freaking out a little bit, that perhaps this sweet old man would swing around and whop me on the head with his walking stick! (he didn’t)

      I got really confident taking photos in public when my husband and I went travelling for a couple of months. The urge to not be embarrassed was far outweighed by the desire to have good photos to remember our trip by!

  5. Lara (Hunt) Abou-Sakher

    I loooooooove the old man picture! I have a soft spot in my heart for the elderly, and this one is especially heart-warming. Keep it up. Love your work!


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