Dana and I are housesitting for my cousins at the moment.

It is a much welcomed little ‘time out’ of our crazy life at home, living with my big sister and her two boys (6 & 8).

Aaaah, bliss! I haven’t stepped on a piece of lego all week. What a luxury!

So Dana and I had a date night. We ordered pizza, and watched Ghostbusters.

I think Bill Murray fn rocks.

6 Responses to “who you gonna call?”

    • Jessica

      Ooh! Thanks for commenting.

      I am already really enjoying doing this project… and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

      Mmm… all those creative juices!

      x Jessica

    • Jessica

      Thanks Angie!

      Well, I was wondering how I would go in the group, seeing as though I have no babies of my own to photograph daily.

      I am glad you enjoyed! (And thank you so much for commenting! :) ) x Jessica

  1. mum

    Your date night sounded romantic and restfull. love the photo the clarity is awesome.
    Bill looks so young. …No smoking….


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