This is Lauren.

She has mermaid hair and crazy awesome green eyes.

I originally wanted to get a really cool shot of cigarette smoke lingering in the air around her mouth – as I’ve been wanting to get a shot like that for some time.

After making Lauren chain smoke about 467 cigarettes, I ended up going with this photo anyway (the sun and the wind didn’t want to listen to me).

So, here she is. This beautiful lady. With her hair sprawled out, and that stare.

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15 Responses to “mermaid hair”

  1. sarah

    Wow, amazing photo! isn’t it funny how the shots you *think* you want are sometimes not the ones you end up loving at all. She is stunning.

  2. Don't Eat The Grapefruit

    Haha! Don’t you love it when you end up with 3000 crap photos of a really great concept. This photo is really cool though. I’ve always dreamed of having mermaid hair.

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Jen! Oh, i had such a hard time with this one – with choosing whether to use this edit, or one with more colour.

  3. Pamela

    It’s funny how the shot you love doesn’t have to be the best, or the one you were aiming for, or even the most technically proficient, it’s just the one, and there is no arguing with it. :)


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