Ok, so, It was Wednesday night. Dana and I had finished work, and were sitting in a coffee shop in the city.

We weren’t hungry; we didn’t feel like going to a bar; our phones had been disconnected, so we couldn’t call any of our friends to see what they were up to, and; we didn’t feel like going home.

Dana made the natural conclusion, and executive decision, “Right! We are staying in a hotel!”

At first, I was being a very negative Nancy at his suggestion, and started blabbing about all the reasons we shouldn’t and how we couldn’t afford it.

He took my hand and said,

“Jess, sometimes money is just money.”

And he was right. What’s the point of stressing and fretting about this and that, if we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy exactly where we are at?

I’m not saying that it’s good to be frivolous all the time, but sometimes, and this time, it was exactly what we both needed.

So after having a blissful sleep in a bed as wide as it was long, we got ready for our day, and then did some jumping on the bed.

As you do.

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9 Responses to “frivolity”

    • Jessica

      Baha – YES Robyn, SO true.

      Hopefully no breeding anytime soon for me! Although, the hubs and I aren’t being very active participants in avioding the whole ‘breeding’ thing…

      hmm. ;)

    • Jessica

      Oh, yes it is good to make time for it! Although, I don’t know if our bellies were as happy with us afterwards – especially after that big free hotel breakfast.


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