Today I went to a hairdresser for the first time in over a year.

I was completely nervous that I’d end up leaving with a new ‘mum cut’, swear never to return, and subsequently need to invest in a large collection of hats. However, I was completely and utterly happy with the outcome.


Aaah, it’s so nice to have happy, soft, shiny hair with un-split ends.

Happy hair, happy Jess.

And thanks be to Dana for the photos. x

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19 Responses to “happy jess”

    • Jessica

      Thanks Taylor!

      Our relatively quiet street is really great to take photos on! We’ve done so many out here. A nice ‘default’ location, if I might say so meself.

  1. Cara Quinn

    I’ve DIY cut my hair…dreading going to the hairdressers and haven’t been since 2008 so know that ‘mum’ hair cut feeling ;).

    • Jessica

      Yeah, I’ve been scarred before too. Nothing worse than feeling like you want to hide your head!

      So your hair must be SUPER long then?

  2. zisforzbone

    You’re lovely. Lovely hair, lovely glasses, and is that a crushed velvet dress? Magnificent. Especially love that middle photo!

    • Jessica

      mmm… yes… crushed velvet… drool.

      It’s my second most worn piece of clothing.

      topshop.com pretty much rocks!

      Thank you for your gorgeous comment. xx

  3. Shannon

    Your hair looks fabulous (and sometimes that can make all the difference in how we feel)! Great photos and I love the sunglasses! :)

    • Jessica

      Yes, I absolutely agree! It makes such a difference!

      I bought the glasses in Austin, Texas when I was travelling last year.

  4. Jess

    I haven’t had a haircut in over 2 years! Ahhh how I need one.
    Looks awesome : )

    • Jessica

      Well, if you live in either Brisbane or Adelaide in Australia, I could make some recommendations!

      Its so important to find somebody you can trust!

    • Jessica

      Hannah – don’t be a turd! You have *lovely* hair!!

      Have you seen your hair lately?? It’s got really lovely waves.

      thanks for the compliments – you’re a doll. xx

  5. mum

    Your hair looks awesome. And by the way young lady STOP! playing on the road. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU.

  6. Nicole

    It looks great!

    What are your tattoos of? I have two that are boring, wish I’d put some more thought into them but I was very young. Yours look much more interesting!

    • Jessica

      Thanks Nicole!

      My big brother is a tattooist – so i don’t think he’d ever consent to anything less than awesome.

      I have three tattoos:

      a peacock feather on my back

      a robin on cherry blossoms on my left arm

      and four children (from different places in the world), holding hands in a row

  7. Nicole

    Wow Jessica, I am in love with the four children from around the world holding hands, that is the best tattoo idea I’ve ever heard of!


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