home hair cuts // I have a very trusting husband // feeling quite chuffed with the outcome

(I’m really riding the ‘hair’ wave lately, aren’t I?)

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13 Responses to “trust”

  1. Nicola

    you’re wearing my dress! Looks super cute! oh yeah and Dana doesn’t look so shabby either. xx

    • Jessica

      I pretty much haven’t worn anything else since you gave it to me!

      Actually, it’s probably well overdue for a wash.

      It’s totally my ‘summer dress’. ;)

    • Jessica

      He is brave! But, i haven’t ruined his head yet! And with every passing trim, i believe the odds of ruining his hair get less and less.

      Thank you! xx

    • Jessica

      I’m loving these constructive comments Pamela – thank you!

      Dana’s easy to photograph – he’s just so gosh darn good looking (if I may be so brash).

  2. katiem

    Love your perspective and proofing. These have a wonderful feeling to them. Nostalgic almost… Very cool and totally love!

    • Jessica

      Oh! Thank you Katie.

      Before we took the photos, I was trying to explain to Dana that I wanted to have them so we could eventually show our grandkids. So there’s that nostalgia again!

  3. Fiona

    Hair looks good! My man only gets a buzz cut from me- which is an average one at that haha. (PS your bangs are awesome too:P)


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