Today you are two years old.

I imagine that it can be very frustrating having all these feelings and not having the words to describe them.

Thank you for turning toward the camera when I asked you if I could take a picture of you crying. You are a very willing model!

Although you look as though you are in a fit of poignant desperation, you were only crying because we came back and sat under the verandah to get away from the bitey sun; you wanted to stay out there sticking your head into the grass.

You were off smooshing playdoh into the pavement and sneakily shovelling more chocolate contriban into your mouth mere seconds later.

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10 Responses to “it’s your party baby – cry if you want to”

  1. Kylie Giggins

    I have often captured a sad face too. They are still memories because it means that our children know how to have emotions. So glad it all turned out good in the end. Beautiful photo and perfectly captured.

  2. Pamela

    This is so sad that it almost looks comical. Like a melodramatic Itallian mama in in a black and white film.
    Sounds like perfect timing too. :)

  3. katiem

    lol, adorable and :-( These moments are regular yet pass just as quickly as they came with my 2 year old.

  4. Amber

    Great shot and really does capture what it is like to be a two year old – oh the emotion! (I should know, I have one ;) )
    The black and white really adds to the emotion too.

  5. tazway

    The detail in this pic is quite something! I can even pick out the tear track down her cheek…glad to hear she cheered back up again!


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