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We just returned from a wee family beach holiday.

And I swam in the ocean for hours on end. I felt so wonderfully free!

Even though I have returned home with a bit of a scorching sun burn, it was totally worth it – to be floating in the clear cool water in a yellow rubber tube, with a corona in my hand.

How lovely it is to grow up around your cousins.

They’re like siblings that you can get away from, once you’re sick of them.

So, my point is, these inflatable tubes came in pretty handy for a few reasons.

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8 Responses to “jumping jacks”

  1. mum

    I really miss the beautiful Adelaide beaches and hope I can go with you. Can I please!
    Very colourfull and happy little chaps in your snaps.

    • Sarah

      Jessica your photography is just wonderful, I couldn’t love these shots more. Also, I may be turned inside out and upside down with jealousy as I sit in a parked car, waiting for the rain to stop pouring down. Maybe. Just a little bit.

      • Jessica

        Haha, Sarah, well, there’s a funny story about the whole ‘sans net’ thing.

        I was busy taking photos of them, and they were busy jumping in their pool rings, that Nicholas (the boy in the blue ring) jumped clean off of the trampoline – landing on his backside.

        Looking back, it wasn’t very nice that the first thing out of my mouth was something along the lines of,


        I hopefully redeemed myself shortly after buy running over to him and giving him a big squeeze, and making sure he was alright.

  2. tazway

    Oh my God – I can’t even begin to say how much I love these pics! The light streaming in, the colours of the donuts, the jumping action. So cool!

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much!

      I really appreciate that you always leave such thoughtful comments!

      I am a huge fan of sun flares! (If only my lens was)


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