My sister and I work next door to each other in the city.

Some days, I’ll be walking along next to her, going to get some lunch or the 20th coffee for the day, and I’ll realise that she looks exactly like a lovely, pretty little doll.

Today was one of those days.

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11 Responses to “little doll”

  1. Pamela

    Love the whole thing, and that dress is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache!
    Sisters are the best… At least after puberty is over and done with. lol

    • Jessica

      Haha – yes that is true!

      Luckily, there are a few years difference between her and I – so we didn’t have to go through that together! ;)

  2. mum

    What a beautiful photo. and even more wonderful is the fact that that beautiful lady is the most beautiful person you could ever know. She is so loving, loyal, caring,believes the best of every person she meets, and a beautiful daughter.


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