I was in a rush this morning, and hastily shoved my hair up into a bun.

I didn’t check it from the back because I’d lost my mirror – somewhere in the abyss of the floor-drobe in my room.

It’s days like these that I am grateful for my camera. An expensive substitute for a mirror, yes. But completely helpful nonetheless!

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13 Responses to “handy dandy”

  1. Amber

    These cameras may cost us a small fortune but look they are so darn practical ;)
    Great shot …and cute bun :)

  2. sarah

    Love it :) also… nice ink! Are we allowed to put in requests? I’d love to see it in more detail.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Sarah! It’s always nice to hear.

      Since I see them everyday, I don’t really know what I’d think of them if I saw them on somebody else’s arm!

      I am more than happy to take requests! Which tattoo in particular? Or all of them?

  3. Pamela

    Brilliant! And I love your tatts.
    My floordrobe is becoming kind of vertical (four post bed and pegs on the wall), it is far easier to navigate! lol

    • Jessica

      Haha – and I didn’t even look!

      I use a bun roll – it’s a funny brown doughnut looking thingy. It makes it HEAPS easier, and makes it look a bit fuller.

      Highly recommend!


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