Quiet date nights, and tofu noodles with my love.

I adore those times when it’s just he and I. We don’t have to do or say anything, but rather, can just be.

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15 Responses to “date night”

  1. sarah

    Holy deliciousness batman! And I’m talking about your table. The noodles also look pretty rad ;)
    Has your blog had a recent makeover? It’s looking good. Love seeing what fun thing you post each new day, always a pleasant surprise.

    • Jessica

      Haha! Thanks Sarah.

      As an avid blog stalker myself, your comment means a lot!

      I updated by blog theme in around July/August 2011 – but not since then!

      The food was delicious, by the way.

  2. katiem

    That’s awesome! For a sec there I thought that the top picture was actually a big poster on the wall of a cafe! That look delicious… mmm, wonder what I have in the fridge.

  3. Kylie Giggins

    Your pictures certainly could be an advertisement for a restaurant. Very gorgeous.

  4. Amber

    Sweet! Love the whole set up and your lovely words.
    I love visiting your blog. While looking all the super cute babies is lots of fun (within Documenting delight), your blog and photos remind me of how special pre-kids time is/was :)

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Amber.

      I know this is a special time in our marriage right now, so I’m really glad to be documenting at least a little bit of it.

      I don’t know if I will ever have children, but if I do, I am positive that it will be times like these I yearn for, and think of nostalgically!

    • Jessica

      Hey, if me having lovely dates inspires you, I’m happy to have more – to keep it up!

      Did you end up planning anything?

  5. lotheryn

    I’m jealous (I know I shouldn’t be) of so many thing about this post – the photos themselves, the food, and the ability to have a date night… one day…

    • Jessica

      Thanks for the link! After reading a bit about it, it was definitely hygge!

      Although, all I need to learn about it now is whether it is a noun or verb or otherwise!


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