After a long, cholesterolandcaffiene filled breakfast with my family, Dana and I drove home from our little beachy holiday mid-morning. The sun was hot, and the air dry. And Dana and I were nursing some serious sunburns! My legs felt like they were going to crack into one million hot little pieces, and the sun coming through the window was biting my poor red thighs.

One thing I’ve always remembered from my childhood here in South Australia (even though I moved away when I was five years old, and didn’t return until seventeen years later), is the stark, bleak and incredibly dry landscape. Hills aggressively jot out of the earth, covered in nothing but dry brown grass and the occasional haphazard bush. It almost looks surreal. Everything is polarised.

The only sort of ‘green’ you’ll see are the occasional farms of crops covered in sprinklers.

The glare of the sun on the road burns your eyes, and all you can think of is the almighty urge to dive into your water bottle. But that’s not good physics.

When I see this landscape, I can’t help but feel an affinity for it. In a strange way. I really do feel at home here in South Australia. For now.

shots above taken and edited on Iphone 4

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6 Responses to “homeward bound”

  1. Danwa

    This is beautiful!
    Your photography and your choice of subjects just keep getting better.

    I am really starting to fall in love with how starkly beautiful South Australia is, like a women standing far off feeling the wind in her hair.

  2. Shelley

    SA can be quite unforgiving in summer yet your beautiful photos make her look like all she needs is a sensative ear…maybe it’s not her fault it’s so hot here!


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