Today I did something quite earth-shattering.

I went grocery shopping.

Like, at Coles.

Yeah. Look out.

I want you all to know that I am totally crushing on vegetables at the moment. I am starting to feel so good in my body – since commencing my attempted vegetarianism.

But I have a confession.


I accidentally ate meat.

It was a spring roll that I thought was vegetarian, but, alas, after eating it I discovered that it had chicken in it.

I wasn’t going to tell anybody about this, but instead, here it is, in internetland for all to see.

But anyway, I wanted to link you all to a really cool blog I found the other day. It is full of really awesome vegetarian and vegan recipies. Here: http://voguevegetarian.com

x jessica

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7 Responses to “eat your vegetables”

  1. Stuart

    Your confession re the spring role is touching but do you know that scientists now consider mushrooms to be closer to animals than plants? That certainly explains the oft referred to ‘meaty’ taste.lol

    • Jessica

      Oh no Stuart!

      But I am glad you told me. I don’t want any more accidental meat eating going on around here.

      I think I’m going to have to check that one out.

      On another note, I am glad I made you feel touched.

      Now there’s one for the bloody green book.

  2. Cara Quinn

    I love mushrooms and I’m in my 7th year of veganism :).

    I was a pregnant vegan, too…which was VERY hard when the cravings were Milky Bar buttons and suchlike.

    I’ll look into the mushroom thing, too, though now that it’s mentioned.

    I ate meat in my first week of vegetarianism simply because I’d forgotten about my new food convictions…kind of a ‘d’oh’ moment ;). It was these horrible chicken skewer things, so not even ‘accidentally.’ I was like ‘oh shoot, I’m a vegetarian.’ lol…seriously :/. Just keep going, these things happen and it’s so sneaky when they put meat into spring rolls…I’ve fallen foul to that a few times >.<

    • Danwa

      :D I had to laugh at the image of chicken skewer in the mouth and realising what you were doing.

      I admit I did offer jess the spring rolls and said “I’m pretty sure there is no meat in these, do you want one?”.

  3. Dog's-ear

    Nice veg photo. It’s a lot easier being veg these days than when I became one 15+ years ago–there are so many meat alternatives, altho my wife balks at all the processed food I eat (Boca, Quorn, tofu, etc.). Beware of gelatin in stuff. Good luck!


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