Figs are one of my favourite foods. Honestly, I wish I would be buried in a huge mountain of them, so I could eat myself a little fig cave, and live inside there for a while.

I’m not too super keen on dried or preserved figs though, just the sweet, juicy, splitting open, just picked off the tree kind.

So you can imagine my delight to see that my sister had slipped a note under my door – written on the back of our gas bill.

These are the first figs I have eaten this season, and I have been waiting all year for them to arrive.

They came to us from John, an elderly greek gentleman who lives down the road from my nephews’ pappou; all wrapped like something precious in aluminium foil.

God bless you Mr. John Sir. Thank you for making my day!


In other news, sorry for my lack-age of daily posts! My gorgeous mother was visiting from Brisbane, and I was too busy having adventures with her! (By adventures I mean, manicures, coffee, croissants, shopping, trips to the beach… you know, the usual.)

I am very pleased to say that I am still keeping up with my project 366, and haven’t missed a daily photo yet! I will keep working to catch up with all my posts over the next couple of days.

Be prepared for a posting frenzy!

x jessica

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6 Responses to “hells yeah! irl”

  1. Rachael

    Oh yeah, I love figs too and just bought the first for the season the other day as well! I enjoy them with my salads. The first photo is really beautiful. Lovely colours.

    • Jessica

      Thank you Rachael! Figs just make my heart feel so happy!

      I was out on a walk with a my little niece just yesterday and we discovered a heavily laden tree… just a couple more weeks and I’m going to raid it!

      I’ve never tried fig in salad – I think I will have to!

  2. tazway

    I keep waiting for them to get a bit cheaper at the supermarket! Think I will have to hit the markets and see if I can get some for a better price – I love me a good fig ;)

    • Jessica

      yeah, even here in Adelaide supermarkets they’re over $25 per kilogram! Craaaazay!

      My sister brought some more home tonight.

      hom nom nom.

      Where do you live?

      • tazway

        Just outside of Brisbane – in Redcliffe. In the past we’ve gone to the Powerhouse Markets and they’ve been a bit cheaper. They’re $20 a kilo at Woolies at the mo!

        • Jessica

          wow, those prices are just crazy!

          I used to live in Brisbane – before moving to Adelaide in April 2011.

          I wonder if they’d sell them at the West End markets for cheaper?

          Oh, I am so grateful that there are so many beautiful fruit trees growing in practically *every* yard here in Adelaide.


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