So tonight was one of those ‘epic plan fail’ nights, that ended up being one of those ‘thank goodness our original plans failed epically because I had an even better time than I would have had anyway’ kind of nights.

I raced home from work to get to a movie session with two of my friends, Nicola and Mandy.

When we arrived at the cinema, we were informed that the session we had intended to see didn’t actually exist. Dagnabbit.

So, we went out for a yummy dinner, and then finished at a favourite pub instead.

It is probably of interest to you, that this day, being the second of February, was also my second day of ‘Feb fast’. I had planned to abstain from all alcohol for the duration of the month.

I was half way through my second beer (mmm, sweet sweet coopers pale) when that fact occured to me. Aaah, I forgot about fricking Feb fast.

Well, that was the end of that idea.

(And FYI, don’t be judging… I only had two.)

Anywho, it was a really lovely night, with some really lovely ladies.

x jessica

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2 Responses to “fricking feb fast”

  1. Nicola

    Epic movie fail! Food, pub and company WIN!
    On a side note- I can rip Australian $$$ in half! JUST YOU WATCH!
    Lets fail at another movie soon sweet face. xxx


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