One of the things that has taken a little while to come to grips with in regards to moving to Adelaide is the fact that it almost never rains here.

It will threaten to rain, but often has no follow through. Perhaps a few measly drops.

It can be quite disappointing.

However, this particular day while I was at work, it bucketed down. For hours.

Oh, it was glorious.

How I adore the rain.

Being rained on feels like hundreds of tiny kisses.

It is wonderful.

I glanced up, out of the window, and saw all of these brightly coloured umbrellas at the crossing outside of my work. How beautiful.

I guess that today’s post is another ‘grateful’ post.

I am grateful for the rain kissing my face and frizzing my hair. And grateful for the fact that I honestly can’t wipe the goofy smile off of my face.

x Jessica

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4 Responses to “tiny kisses”

    • Jessica

      Oh! Perhaps we could trade places then?!

      I do imagine though – freezing cold winter Seattle rain is not anything close to pleasant.

      • VogueVegetarian

        Yes, the rain is not warm but its typically soft and light and the temps around here hover around 45-50f which make it really not so bad. The positive side to that is that everything is a always lovely and green. The outdoors are full of life. :)


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