Dana and I are housesitting again, as of today. So we took a stroll down the street to the Norwood food and wine festival that was happening down the road.

The very best part about it was this cupcake. It was quite delicious.

After a glass of wine (from a plastic cup), we decided to call it quits and head home. I realised that we had arrived a little too late – and everybody else there was completely sloshed.

It’s just a strange sight to see in the middle of a Sunday afternoon – without the complimentary shroud of night.

I witnessed a very inebriated woman attempt to sit herself down on a chair – without being aware of the fact that the chair was about 1 metre away from her behind. In very slow motion, her legs buckled and she folded onto the ground in such a clumsy fashion. I laughed out lout. A little. Ok, a lot.

So perhaps next time we go, we’ll arrive a little earlier in the day.

However, one thing that I am very impressed with, is the fact that there are SO many people out and about in Adelaide at the moment. This time of year, it is going mental with so many shows and events, it makes me wonder where everybody hides in the winter?

x jessica

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One Response to “indisposed in broad daylight”

  1. Mum

    enjoy the sun for winter is cold as ….. in Adelaide. That cupcake looks so yum.


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