Hello all you lovelies!

I am sorry that it’s been awful quiet here on the blog lately. I can assure you that my photo-a-day 366 project is still going strong, and I am working on getting those photos up here for your viewing pleasure as soon as possible.

I have been ridiculously busy, and loving it! What with full time work, uni, assignments, and photo projects coming out of my earballs.

However, seeing as though we are all here now, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in my new photo a day challenge for April.

Do you have Instagram? If so, then you’ll find the challenge over there too. This is where I will be completing it. (find me @othersuchthings)

Here she is!

What do you think?

Life in April

I am looking forward to this one.

In other news, I have a few fun things to share with you all soon, perhaps at another time (like, when it isn’t midnight). But it includes some of my new lomography shots, an engagement party, and a story (including photographs) about how I posed as a proper photographer (past security and everything) so I could get to the front of a stage to see one of my favourite singers.

I was one meter from her face, people!!

Yep, I am pretty badass.

Ok, so I hope you are all well, and I can’t wait to post again soon.

x jessica

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