Today I had the pleasure of attending my big cousin Kristie’s engagement party.

You know what? I just love love. GAH!

I am so happy to be welcoming Scott into our family – he is pretty much a dream boat.

There were tears, there was snot (in the ‘good cry’ kind of way), there was champagne (yee!), and yes, we spent a good chunk of time creating a choreographed dance routine.

I have always wanted to share a dance routine with the people closest to me in life.

Picture this:

You’re in a party situation, there’s a dancefloor in sight, and that perfect song comes on…

then you and your loves bust out in a synchronised dance routine (all ending with spirit fingers).

Everyone will laugh.

Some will cry (dance routines are horribly tragic).

It could be minutes of fun.

SO, thanks to Kristie and Scott’s engagement party, my cousins, sister, auntie and I all have a dance routine.

Yeah, look out Adelaide night spots. Prepare for the awesome!


Anyway, I wanted to leave you with these two photographs of my grandparents that I captured at the engagement party. Aren’t they just adorbs?


x jessica

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4 Responses to “love and a dance routine”

  1. VogueVegetarian

    And I really LOVE this post. You’re photos say so much more than 1000 words. This post makes me happy just looking it. Even though I don’t know the people in it, it says a lot about them, about love and it makes me reflect on my own love’s in life. Thank you for taking me on a little trip down love lane.

  2. mum

    I love family. And the many beautiful people that make that word so special.


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