Today I am going to tell you about the time I posed as a concert photographer and walked past security to take photographs about 1 meter away from one of my favourite recording artist’s face.

Being slightly disgruntled at the fact that the crowd was so large and loud and hairy, and I was so far away from being able to see any sort of thing, it dawned on me that the only position I could get a half decent shot of St Vincent (Annie Clark) was probably going to be in front of the crowd.

Looking to the right side of the stage, I noticed an entryway before the side of the steel barricades, manned by a security guard. Then two people with really big cameras walked up to him, showed them some sort of card hanging from their necks, and he waved them through.

I handed by handbag to Dana, and told him I’d be back in a minute. I put my camera strap around my neck, puffed out my chest, and pushed my way through the crowd to the security guard.

As I squeezed past him, I gave him an acknowledging nod, and some sort of acknowledging grunt, and he motioned for me to walk through in front of the stage.


My heart was pounding into my throat, but it didn’t matter. I got to watch the entire St Vincent concert through my camera’s viewfinder. And what a beautiful view it was.

After leaving the gig, my heart was filled with such excitement. What a rush! I think that being paid to do photography like this would be such a dreamboat of a job!

The concert was amazing, and the band all so talented. Annie is one of the best female guitarists I have ever seen. I’ve got no freaking idea how she manages to sing so beautifully whilst playing such intricate and varied riffs – and all without pulling any sort of goofy face!

Check them out for yourself!

x jessica

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6 Responses to “such a sneaky sneak”

    • Jessica

      asljdhgiasuhfg!! I know, right?! I thought you’d appreciate this.

      Katie, she is even better in person! (That doesn’t sound possible, I know)

      It was the best night. xx

  1. Lucas

    That was a gutsy move, but obviously a necessary one.

    Those are some good shots, especially the one of her legs and the peddle board. Well done. I think you would make a wonderful music photographer.


    • Jessica

      Lucas, that was the loveliest comment! Thank you.

      I thought the shot of her leggies was super cute too.

      It would be so much fun to be paid to go to concerts and take photos. aaah!



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