I love thrifting. And I love the funny people who run thrift stores.

They just reek of ‘community’ and ‘I’d like you to marry my grandson’. In the very best and most endearing of ways.

Here’s some of our loot, and some of the lovely people who are from my local charity store.

x jessica

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12 Responses to “nifty thrifty”

  1. Cassie

    Is that a wall of purses and mugs. I’m kind of in love with that. I’m both tacky and wonderful so thrift stores are my thing. I couldn’t agree more with everything you say. :)

    • Jessica

      Actually Cassie, it is a throw rug that we also scored! I laid it out on the floor and neatly arranged the rest of the loot on top.

      The duck placemats though… they’re totally going on my wall. Someday.

      Actually, in reality, they’re probably more likely to go into the ‘stuff I’m going to make later’ pile in my garage.

      I adore thrifting. It is one of the most exciting things to do! Like a treasure hunt.


      • Cassie

        I love it as well – flea markets are so much fun to just dig through. I think you got some awesome finds there!

        I have a “to create” pile as well. I look at it all the time and I’m like, soon, soon, someday. I probably actually say that out loud and talk to it. :)

        • Jessica

          Well, I don’t blame you for talking to it! If your ‘to create’ pile is anything like my ‘stuff I’m going to make later’ pile, then your pile constantly sits there and calls out to you:

          “Hey! Remember me? How cool would it be to hang out!?”

        • Cassie

          Fancy that – that’s EXACTLY what my “to create” pile says to me. Our piles must be friends.

          • Jessica

            Or maybe even brothers? Separated at birth… Yep. That’s it.

            Should we tell them? Or wait until they’re older?

    • Jessica

      They were truly lovely people! And they really loved having their photo taken.

      The gentleman in the first photo said, “Is this picture going to be famous on the internet?”

      he was so cute.


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