FACT: Children were intentionally designed to look cuter when they sleep. That way, when we go check on them in their beds at night, we instantly receive a hit of serotonin and forget about all the mess they made on the toilet floor (or their terrible terrible aim), or the fact that they make more noise than any human ear is ever intended to hear, or the fact that they play hand-ball on the other side of your bedroom wall at 6.30am.

This juicy hit of serotonin is enough to get you through the rest of night feeling nothing but adoration for them, until approximately 6.30am the following morning.

x jessica

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4 Responses to “you look so much sweeter when you’re asleep”

  1. vanevolence

    I often say that is a baby’s best defense: their cuteness. Otherwise all the other actions that they do through out the day (and night) would drive us to total insanity.

  2. mum

    Thank God they look this cute for if they didnt we would have a population of ……Hum makes one think.


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