You’ll notice an apparent lack of a header image.

That’s because at 2am in the morning, as I army crawled* my way into bed, I set my alarm, and then it hit me, the fact that I hadn’t taken a single fricking photo! All day! Not even one on my iphone. Not even with the lomo film camera that has taken up permanent residence within my handbag.

Can I just say, I am utterly crushed.

I will however, carry on. I am determined to complete this ridiculously time consuming personal project of mine – hook or by crook!

“Excuses?” You might well ask…

Well, I was sitting up at my computer working on one of my written assignments for university, and then I got distracted for a minute or two (actually a few hours, but who’s counting?).

I made this instead.

Anywho, I am absolutely determined to keep at this photo a day business. Of course you will appreciate the fact that a ‘photo a day’ project isn’t really just a photo per day. Often I take many many shots throughout my day, and then choose the best after some processing.

I will admit, it is stretching me a lot. More than I imagined it would. But I’ve learned so much so far about who I am as a photographer, and I feel as though I am beginning to find my voice in it all.

So there you have it.**

Having said all of that, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I retain a strong degree of disdain toward posting a blog post without a beautiful photograph to accompany it. So I’d like to leave you with the image below.

It was captured whilst on a bus with my husband, in transit from Palm Beach to Hollywood in California. Late January, of 2011.

Although rather humble in composition, it remains one of my favourite photographs of mine ever. Their names were Bob and Julia, and as we were on the bus, Julia leant over to me, and politely tapped my arm. She asked if she could photograph me and my, “beautiful husband”.

Of course I said, “of course”, and she proceeded to pull out a disposable camera wrapped in aluminium foil from her bag.

Naturally, she let me take a photo of them.

For the duration of the bus ride, Julia continued to chatter on about this and that, whilst Bob listened attentively with that sweet and placid (albeit with a hint of sass) look on his face.

I love two things about this image:
1. It captures the nature of my experience of them perfectly.
2. All those quirky patterns and colours going on with their get-up, whilst still remaining completely coordinated with each other – sky blues, peachy tones, navy, and beige.

Canon kiss x 4 // Sigma 35mm // ISO 100 // f2.0 // 1/250 sec

It’s bloody adorable.

x jessica

(*Actually, I probably was a much closer resemblance to a three-toed sloth trying to swim through a pool of pectin – rather than a highly trained army-man-machine. Who am I trying to kid?)

(** I did toy with the fact that I could just skip this post altogether… and simply continue on with 87/366. Would any of you even have noticed??)

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One Response to “today does not exist”

  1. Amber

    My favorite thing about this is their co-ordination. It’s a beautiful picture and you inspire me Jessica


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