Today I travelled back to a place I haven’t been since the end of 2004.

The train ride from Central Station in Sydney to Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW brought back so many memories. Ones I had forgotten were even in my head.

Boyfriend(s) (yes, plural), school friends, my first cigarette, my first post-first-cigarette-paranoia*, my first job working in a hairdressing salon earning less than $6 an hour (Terrible.), bad fashion trends, and just generally figuring out what kind of person I was, and who I wanted to be.

A completely melancholic feeling washed over me. I wanted to cry my face off when I got off the train at my old station. And still I don’t really understand why, or what made me feel such a pit in my gut. In retrospect, I feel sorry for my poor sister who had to stand with me on the train station platform, as I gasped and stood eyes wide and teary for no apparent reason. I suspect she appeared more as though she were my carer than anything else.

My reason for visiting this place is to attend the wedding of a very dear friend. A friend that, for a few years, I had forgotten just how dear she was. You know what I’ve been learning over the past year?

Relationships are fucking precious.

If you fit with somebody, hold onto that for dear life.

< / sappy emotional rant whateverthatwas >

I took this beautiful photograph from the backyard of the people my sister and I stayed with for the wedding. Isn’t that milky view just breathtaking??


x jessica

*No, I don’t smoke now. It was just one cigarette. Quit your judgin’.

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