We are road trippin!

Embarassingly (but as per usual), Dana and I had planned to wake early-ish, pack the car, run some errands, and then make our way to the peninsula for a small camping trip. In actual reality, we ended up on the road by 4pm. O.o The sunlight had passed it’s peak, and we watched it continue to fade into the horizon as we drove.

We visited a beautiful forest reserve on the edge of the ocean called Deep Creek.

By the time we arrived, the sky was enveloped in the most beautiful grey clouds, thunder was rolling through the air, and tiny specs of water were licking our windscreen. We drove down the long and muddy gravel road leading to where we hoped the campsite would be, and we were greeted by a thick stringy bark forest, dark green and misty. It was at this point that we both realised that neither of us had thought to pack a torch. It was also at this point that we realised that neither of us had ever even owned a torch.

We finally came upon the campsite and the park ranger’s office, and noticed a sign that said:

“Camping grounds FULL
No vacancies.”

But we found the ranger, and he let us find a spot to set up.

As we were fumbling with tent poles, our fingers froze, and darkness rolled in. We used our Iphones as lights, and set up a bed, and then cooked dinner on our camping stove – instant mie goreng noodles.

Shortly following this, we fell into our swags and went to sleep – due to our prompt MSG induced coma.


x jessica

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