{Happy Birthday – to my greatest friend in the world, Dana.}

Despite the fitful night’s sleep in our tent, we woke feeling completely relaxed and with happy faces. We had a breakfast picnic in bed in the tent, and then napped for a bit (winning at life), and then went for a walk through the beautiful forest.

It was so nice to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing at all.

x Jessica

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6 Responses to “walking in the woods”

  1. Stuart

    Dearest Jess, This is Australia. You are Australian. It is not the woods. It is not the forrest. It is the bush. Get with the program. :-)

    • Jessica

      Stuart! I appreciate your patriotism – however, the place we visited was actually called ‘Stringybark Forest’ – perhaps you should write a letter to the Department of Primary Industries for the Fleurieau Peninsula region, and proclaim your detest!

      (As for ‘walking in the woods’ as my title, I am going to have to own it. It just reads better than ‘walking in the bush’. The word ‘bush’ always has other connotations, in my mind. ;) )

  2. Aly

    Oh my gosh Jess, I recognize that walking track now. Me and Cody camped there a few years ago and walked that track. Brings back memories of campfires and the the idea of camping in a colder month… (good idea Aly..) Beautiful scenery though. I hope you got a lot of great shots.

    • Jessica

      Hah! How’s about that Aly?! Its such a beautiful spot hey.

      It was absolutely freezing when we went too. You know, the kind of freezing when you wake up and your neck has frozen stiff.

      But, it is completely wonderful to stay in a place that smells like eucalyptus, and there’s no phone reception. All you can do is chat and read and go for bush walks!


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