Dear baby Syd,

Today we visited you and your mum. You were wearing every hairclip in your collection at the same time – and were loving yourself silly because of it.

For the first time ever, you asked me to take your photo. Of course, I said yes. You took my hand and lead me onto your front porch, and then sat with your hands folded in your little lap.

After I took about four photos, you assertively chirped, “that’s enough!” before running over to the garden to pick up a metal pole that you spied. You then proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes using it to scoop up and fling bits of dirt into the air.

You are two, and I think you’re fantastic.

x jessica

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3 Responses to “as you do”

  1. christine

    My darling niece won’t abide even one hair clip. Love that they cover her entire head. And the bee costume is too darling!

    • Jessica

      She has the biggest character!

      And I absolutely love that she lets us dress her up with little bows.

      Although, I can’t take the credit for this one… it was all her. haha!

      Thank you for leaving me a comment Christine. :)


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