So, I’ll admit, photos of me are not entirely common.

I feel like a complete dick anytime I attempt any sort of ‘selfie’.

I earn a living from taking pictures of other people, but the second a camera is turned on me, every insecurity I have just rears its ugly little head.

Deep down, I know it is completely ridic, but I just can’t shake the feeling.

But I don’t want to be that person!

If I ever decide to reproduce, I want my kids to be able to look at pictures of their parents. I love looking at old pictures of my mum and dad, don’t you?

What’s even rarer, are photographs of my husband and I together.

So, when Dana and I visited Brisbane, a most gorgeous friend of mine, Sue, took some pictures of us together. And I love them.

brisbane trip october 2012

brisbane trip october 2012

brisbane trip october 2012

brisbane trip october 2012

(ps. Not only does my friend Sue take beautiful pictures, she’s also the best hairdresser I have ever met. If you are around Brisbane, it’d be quite adventageous of you to have her do your hair. Her website is here.)

x jessica

One Response to “photos of us”

  1. Bailey Mikell

    These are beautiful! I love them, and I think that as hard as it is to take photos sometimes, it is certainly worth it. Thank you for sharing. xoxo


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