My family – the people in this life who carry my heart in their hearts, as I carry theirs in mine.

Robert 53
Father: Robert | 53

Kathleen 58
Mother: Kathleen | 58

Michelle 39
Sister: Michelle | 39

Nicholas 9
Nephew: Nicholas | 9

Samuel 7
Nephew: Samuel | 7

David 38
Brother: David | 38

Samantha 40
Sister-in-law: Samantha | 40

Jayquin 9
Nephew: Jayquin | 9

Sydnee 3
Niece: Sydnee | 3

Dana 24
Husband: Dana | 24

Jessica 24
Myself: Jessica | 24

And I want to remember them all just this way. I love the children with chocolate, and pen, and dirt and just general crud on their faces; I love my sisters opening up to me and looking straight down into the lens, even if it leaves them feeling completely vulnerable; I love my parents for that glint in their eyes which makes me wonder what secrets they have to reveal; I love that my brother and I have sporadic raised eyebrows alike (it’s just that his big head makes his arguably more noticable); and I love Dana, my beloved, for always, (I mean always) putting up with my incessant requests to photograph him – knowing full well that there isn’t likely ever going to be an end to it.

I am so thankful for photographs.

x jessica

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