Hey you there! If you’ve stumbled across this site randomly, or are coming back to it from somewhere, I’d love to direct you to my new website:


I’ve decided to let go of my Other Such Things handle on here, Instagram, and Facebook too – in favour of getting a little more personal.

This is quite sentimental for me, but felt the need to make a change as my career as a photographer is growing and progressing a little faster than I anticipated it would.

I don’t really believe in a work/life balance, because I get to be one of those lucky jerks who get to LOVE their work – which, for me, is making images with a lot of heart, with a voice that is uniquely my own.

So in pursuit of being my most authentic self possible, there’ll be no more hiding behind the Other Such Things pseudonym, you just get me – Jessica Clark the photographer.

If you’d like to follow along on my journey, you can!

Here on my Website, on Facebook, or Instagram.

xx jessica