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Hi! How’s it going?

My name is Jessica.

THIS IS MY OLD PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE! To view my current work, go to jessicaclark.com.au :)

I wish I could have been one of those cool high school kids – hanging out in the darkroom, developing pictures of my cool punk friends in my free-periods. But I wasn’t that kid. I was that other kid that wanted to be a movie-star-turned-pop-rock-princess. My parents would walk into my room to find me mouthing some tragic saccharin sweet lyric from the 1980’s into my hairbrush in front of the mirror, whilst making dance moves that no human was ever intended to make.

Thankfully, I grew well out of that stage, developed a more eclectic taste in music, and after school, I married Dana my high school sweetheart at the age of 20. We currently live together in Adelaide, South Australia.

I want to create art that is full of life. I want to depict joy, and sorrow alike. I love natural light, and I completely get off on good composition. I enjoy capturing candid moments, and posed portraits alike – as long as they are a representation of something true. When I get into a creative headspace, I romanticize my surrounds and I fall in love with my subject as I am shooting. And then, in the fraction of a second before that shutter is pressed, I need to see the finished picture in my mind – I need to know the voice of that photograph. It is the feeling of all this that leaves me giddy. It feels like my chest is swirling – and that I might actually either burst of happy, or break down and cry. I adore taking pictures of people. And so far, in my life, I’ve found nothing so completely challenging or satisfying.

I love love – and the energy of it between people is one of my favourite things to capture. But to keep things fresh, I limit the amount of weddings I shoot each year to around 20.

If you are new here, welcome. If you’ve been here before, welcome back. I’d like to invite you to make yourself some sort of delicious snack, and sit down and peruse my blog and portfolio. If you like the type of photographs I take, and would like to have some taken for yourself, or for your business let me know. I am available Australia wide. Heck – I’ll travel wherever you want me to.

You can email me and tell me your story at:


And whilst you are at it:

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K bye!

x Jessica

[Photos above by my gorgeous friend Amber at One Million Canaries]

7 Responses to “about”

  1. moother and farter

    you just played Japaneeze monopoly. (Not so eazy) You sure had a fun time getting to the prize. love your pictures. missing you already. David and Jo sent us some awesome stuff for christmas. love Mum Dad

    • Jessica

      Hi Rita,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      I will absolutely keep writing!

      I’m going to go check out your blog now. x

  2. neconico

    Hi there! your photographs are really pretty and I enjoyed it a lot!
    I recently received the Liebster Blog Award and I’d like to pass it to you.
    you can check out what it’s all about here (http://necomesen.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/liebster-blog-award/)
    If you would like to accept, please follow these rules:

    • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
    • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
    • Pick (up to) 5 other blogs who fit within the award parameters (less than 200 followers).
    • Inform them that you have chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.
    • Post the award on your blog.

    if not, don’t worry about it. thank you for sharing your photos!

  3. Sue Klar

    you are so good at sharing your creative heart. its cool you can match it with images now. they are beautiful Jess. xx

  4. Rose

    “want to create art that is full of life. I want to depict joy, and sorrow alike. I love natural light, and I completely get off on good composition. I enjoy capturing candid moments, and posed portraits alike – as long as they are a representation of something”

    Yes yes yes this is like you took it from my head! Word for word! Love it and your work is inspirational!


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