I love your pictures! How do I make a booking?

Call or email Jessica on +614 68 653 446 or hello@othersuchthings.com.

First, I will need to confirm that the date you have in mind for your wedding or photoshoot is available. Then we can meet up – either by telephone, skype, or (preferably) in person – so I can meet your lovely face, drink a lemonade (or bloody mary – I’m not fussed), and we can discuss the nuts and bolts of our photoshoot together.

If after our chat we mutually decide to go ahead, and have decided on a date, you will be invoiced for payment to lock in your booking. Weddings require a full 50% deposit to be paid upfront upon invoice. Other photoshoots require full 100% payment upfront upon invoice.

How long after my photoshoot will my images be available to view?

For weddings, post-production of images can typically take anywhere between 6 – 9 weeks. For other photoshoots, post-production of images can typically take anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks.

In the event that photographs will take a little longer than originally anticipated, I will make sure to let you know and keep you in the loop!

If you are working to a deadline for the photographs you require for any given reason, be sure to discuss it with me prior to your photoshoot. Every effort will be made to accommodate reasonable requests.

Can additional hours be added to our photoshoot time?

If your event is raging a little later than anticipated, or there’s just not enough time in one session to cram in all the awesome, additional shoot time can be purchased – subject to availability. Each additional hour you purchase can be paid either upfront, or within one week of your event in arrears upon invoice. Whichever is most appropriate for you.

For each additional hour purchased, you will also get an extra 20-40 images on disc in high resolution.

Please note, post-production work on photographs will commence after your photoshoot has been paid up-to-date.

What are your terms for payment?

To book your wedding photography and secure your wedding date, a deposit equal to 50% of your total wedding package is required upfront upon invoice. The remaining 50% is due no later than four weeks prior to your wedding date.

To book a photoshoot, full payment is required upfront upon invoice.

I accept direct deposit, cheque, Australian money order, or cash.

Will I be charged travel or accommodation fees?

Photoshoots located within 100km of Adelaide, South Australia require no additional travel or accommodation fees. For any location outside of this parameter, reasonable travel and accommodation fees may apply in addition to the price of your photoshoot, and are by negotiation.

What happens if I need to change the date of my photoshoot?

Things happen. Life gets crazy. I understand! If you need to change the date of your booking for any reason, I will do my best to fit in with you. You will not be penalised for date changes, however, please be aware that requests for specific alternative dates are by negotiation, and will be subject to availability.

What if I need to cancel my photoshoot?

Photoshoots that have not occurred are eligible for cancellation up to the day of your booking. If you do not wish to re-book at the time of your cancellation, you are entitled to a full refund, less a 10% retainer of the total cost of your photoshoot. Any travel fees paid in addition to your booking fees are refundable on the condition that travel arrangements have not already been made.

What is your refund policy?

If you wish to cancel a photoshoot that has not yet occurred but has been paid for in part or whole, you are eligible for a full refund of monies paid, less a 10% retainer of the total price of your photoshoot package.

Alternatively, you are welcome to re-schedule the date of your photoshoot at no additional cost to you – pending availability.

Pre-paid travel fees are not refundable if transport arrangements have already been made.  In the event that a photoshoot needs to be re-scheduled, additional travel or accomodation expenses may apply.

For photoshoots that have already occurred, there will be no refund.

Can I have access to the original/unedited digital files from my photoshoot?

No. Lol.

What is inside your camera bag?

It does not take a fancy camera to make a beautiful photograph. Good composition, and an understanding and obsession with light are what truly matters – no matter what your device.

I take pictures every single day. My most used cameras are: my trusty little Iphone6, my 50 year old 35mm Ricoh SLR, my plastic fantastic 35mm Lomography Action Sampler, my Fujifilm Instax wide and, the mothership, my Canon 5d Mark III.

For professional work I shoot with two Canon 5d MkIII, with these lenses: 50mm f1.2L, 85mm f1.2L, and 24-105 f4L.